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And it may take some time to learn what's real

(and you will have to beg and borrow, and you will surely steal)

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Birthdate:Nov 5
Jamie Hamilton looks almost exactly like what he is - a short, scraggly wise-ass of around thirteen years old. In his own words, dead common.

The fact that if you counted them up, his years would total a lot more than thirteen doesn't make that much difference.

Jamie is a Homeward Bounder, cursed by Them who play games with the worlds to walk the bounds from world to world (universe to universe) until he finds his way back Home. He barely ages, and he can't die. He's been on dozens of worlds; he's herded cows, picked pockets, trained as a priest, been buried for weeks under a slag-heap, sailed with the Flying Dutchman.

He knows a lot. (He thinks he knows everything.) But he still can't find his way back to the English city with canals and rails and odd-shaped courtyards that is Home.

Jamie Hamilton -- [info]walksthebounds -- comes from the novel The Homeward Bounders and belongs to Diana Wynne Jones. He was created for [info]milliways_bar, and no infringement is intended.

He comes from mid-canon, after his encounter with the man on the rock but before he meets Helen Haras-uquara.

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